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The Welcome Pod is only to be used for the purposes set out in the instruction manual; it should never be used:
  • inside the stroller or pram, as this could be dangerous for the baby (the edges of the carrycot are lower than the edges of the baby bed).
  • as a changing pad, baby bather, rocking chair or nursing pillow.
No, no CE marking is required for this type of product; only certain product categories require CE marking, such as toys or medical devices. The carrycot and baby bed reducer does not need this mark, but meets high regulatory requirements for children product safety.
The base of the Welcome Pod is made of a lightweight polyester that makes it waterproof in case of small leaks. No additional bed mats should be added, which would affect the breathability of the product and its conformation.
No, the cover is not sold separately, it can only be purchased with the product.
As these are very delicate natural materials, we recommend washing the product by hand in cold water, with neutral detergents and without bleaching. Clean the plastic rigid support with a damp cloth or with a mild detergent; do not use solvents, ammonia or petrol. The edge shaped inner padding can only be cleaned superficially with a damp cloth and mild soap. It is recommended not to immerse it in water. The product should then be air-dried in the open air; it should not be dried in a tumble dryer. Always check that the textile covering is completely dry before re-assembling the product.
There is no need to wash the Welcome Pod before use because production and assembly take place in controlled environments, and transport is hygienic thanks to its handy sealed bag. If, however, you want to wash it before use, please follow the washing instructions in the manual.
No, the Welcome Pod must always be used properly assembled, and its components are not designed to be used alone. Before use, always ensure that all parts of the product are intact and undamaged.
The Welcome Pod is designed to accommodate the baby and is neither a baby bag nor a carrycot. Never carry your baby inside the Welcome Pod for safety reasons. The Welcome Pod, on the other hand, can be transported alone inside its carry bag, which is equipped with handles.
The Welcome Pod follows and complies with general product safety requirements, evaluated and approved by test plans developed by leading European laboratories. The fabrics used contain no harmful components for the baby and the environment and guarantee high breathability performance. This product therefore guarantees a safe environment for the baby.
Bonding defines an intimate and unique relationship, a bonding process between parents and baby that creates a verbal and non-verbal dialogue, a physical, emotional and hormonal experience. It promotes the infant's well-being, correct psycho-physical development and stimulates the infant's behavioural skills. Bonding is distinguished between prenatal and postnatal, which are closely related.
  • Prenatal bonding: indicates mother and baby relationships during the period of pregnancy. In prenatal bonding, mother and baby communicate on different levels: physiologically, behaviourally, with visualisation and through movements.
The best known and most effective prenatal bonding activities are: stroking the belly, talking, singing and feeling the baby. The baby, in turn, uses all five senses to communicate and develop a bond with their mother.
  • Post-natal bonding: established within hours of birth between mother and baby (also through skin-to-skin contact), it allows the mother to breastfeed, cradle, play with their baby, but also to protect, not neglect or abandon them.
It is very important for parents to be able to see and be with their newborns (rooming in) to stroke them, touch them, talk to them to help them overcome the stress of separation from the intrauterine environment.
Tummy time is one of the most important experiences for the motor and cognitive development of the infant from 0 to 9 months.  It consists of placing the infants on their tummy even when they are not yet able to turn around or even crawl. The main benefits of Tummy Time are:
  • to ensure excellent elasticity and mobility in the infants' movements and to create an excellent base for crawling and walking;
  • strengthen cervical and back muscles. Thanks to this method, the newborns could raise their head and torso early by leaning on their arms. At the same time, it strengthens the upper limbs by overcoming the force of gravity;
  • physiological motor development;
  • sensory stimulation: allows coordination of the rectus and oblique muscles that move the eyeball and thus peripheral vision;
  • the development of the palmar arch.
Tummy Time is "a real newborn gym" consisting of a series of exercises to be done with the newborn and the baby lying on their tummy (for about 15 - 30 min). These exercises should be carried out in a quiet home environment with due care and attention, without overtiring the babies. The surface to be used should be safe, rigid or semi-rigid and designed for the needs of newborns and infants. During Tummy Time, it is recommended to remove the cylinder and hold the Welcome Pod open to allow stimulation through extension of the lower limbs.
Never, the rigid support is designed to keep the baby in the most correct position during both waking and sleeping times and to give the product good stability. The rigid support always keeps the product well stretched and prevents the surface where the Welcome Pod is resting from adversely affecting the baby's posture. The support should only be removed when washing the external cover.
When the cylinder no longer lies properly under the baby's knees, it must be removed. An incorrect position of the cylinder could lead to an incorrect posture of the baby. Always check that the cylinder is placed below the baby's knees, inserting it in the first or second position depending on its length.
The Welcome Pod was made with a viscose cover of bamboo fibre and cotton, coupled with a 3D cotton mesh. These fabrics are highly breathable and hypoallergenic and provide maximum breathability for ideal thermal comfort. The rigid back support ensures the correct posture of the newborn and also has many holes that increase breathability and thus comfort for the baby.
No device, unless it is classified as a medical device, can claim to be anti-suffocation. However, the Welcome Pod has been designed to minimise the risk of re-breathing, thanks to numerous measures such as rigid, anti-crushing edges, the elimination of any recesses where the baby could get stuck, and natural fabrics coupled with 3D mesh that guarantee maximum breathability.
The practice of sharing a parent's bed is not recommended by the Safe Sleeping Guidelines. It is important that the baby sleeps in the same room as the parents but in a separate space at least during the first six months of life, and possibly up to one year. The Welcome Pod is perfect for room sharing because it can be used inside a carrycot or baby bed.
The safe sleeping guidelines recommend:
  • to remove soft objects, pillows, toys from where the baby is sleeping;
  • to secure sheets and blankets tightly under the child's armpits and retain them under the mattress;
  • to avoid overheating: the temperature of the room where the baby is sleeping should be around 20°C, with 50/60% humidity, away from draughts.
For these reasons the Welcome Pod was designed to be used as it is, we do not recommend the use of sheets, blankets or other soft items over or under the child. If these are strictly necessary, the use of a sleeping bag is recommended.
It is advisable to stop using the product as an adapter for sleeping when the babies start to rise and are able to turn around on their own or climb over the Welcome Pod (skills that they begin to develop from 2 months), and when the head reaches the top of the product, as this could lead to unsafe situations in the baby sleeping environment.
The Welcome Pod was developed together with the Baby Wellness Foundation following the Safe Sleeping Guidelines:
  1. the design of the product facilitates comfortable supine position (thanks to the adjustable cylinder that ensures natural leg flexion).
  2. the mattress contains a rigid support that ensures that the surface where the infant sleeps is firm, flat and not sloping.
  3. the use of natural fabrics ensures optimal thermal comfort and breathability.
The Welcome Pod can be used for safe sleeping of infants until about 2 months - 9 weeks of age -, or until they are able to roll over and/or raise themselves on their hands or knees.
The Welcome Pod can be used inside carrycots, playpens and baby bed provided:
  • it is comfortably contained and does not bend or curve to alter its shape (minimum mattress size: 84x51 cm).
  • there are at least 20 cm between the upper edge of the Welcome Pod and the upper edge of the baby bed.
  • the mattress provided by the manufacturer is not removed.
As a play/exercise place, the Welcome Pod can be used on the floor or carpet, but should never be placed on raised surfaces not provided with safety gates or rails (such as a double bed, sofa, raised kitchen countertops, etc...). When the Welcome Pod is in use, always ensure that all possible sources of danger (e.g. cables, electrical wires, heat sources, ladders, etc.) are kept out of the reach of the baby.
From 0 to 8 months of age. The Welcome Pod is ideal for sleeping infants until about 2 months to 9 weeks of age, or until they are able to roll over and/or raise themselves on their hands or knees. From birth to 8 months of age, the product can be used for playtime, cuddling and exercises preparatory to their mental and motor growth, such as Tummy Time.