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Welcome Pad®

An extraordinary welcome

A mattress that is simply unique, like your baby

Welcome Pad® is a very important ergonomic support during the delicate phase of the very first months of life of your baby. It derives from the “START MATT” medical device and was designed by Inglesina in collaboration with the department of Neonatology of the Maggiore Hospital of Bologna, in observance of the latest well-being and safety scientific guidelines.

Just a few centimetres for boundless well-being

The size, thickness and innovative materials of the Welcome Pad® are designed to give your baby the best position and protection they need, especially in the first 7-9 weeks of life.

Against plagiocephaly

Designed to mitigate the risk of plagiocephaly, better known as flat head syndrome, in the first months of a baby's life, when the bones are softer and easily modified according to the positions the baby takes, especially when sleeping.

It adapts to growth

Thanks to the adjustable leg wedge, which helps to keep an aligned position. Position one is recommended for the first 4-5 weeks; position two up to 7-9 weeks. Then you can safely remove the cylinder.

Temperature under control

It allows the temperature and sweating of the baby to be controlled, thanks to its 3D mesh structure coupled with foam padding which is highly breathable and soft.
The 3D mesh bottom and 40 ventilation holes improve circulation and prevent moisture build-up.

Always in the most correct position

The Welcome Pad® helps maintain lying on the back and alignment of the spine as well as the airways, thus promoting the correct development of your baby in complete safety.

Bamboo fibre lining

The Welcome Pad® and mattress are made of bamboo fibre, a hypoallergenic, antibacterial and highly breathable material that is perfect for the delicate skin of babies.

altamente traspirante

Realizzato in schiuma compatta per garantire sofficità e penetrabilità dell’aria attraverso 40 fori di aerazione. Il fondo in rete 3D migliora la circolazione impedendo la formazione di umidità.