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The Glam Crossover


System Duo

Aptica is the System Duo with a distinct unmistakable style which makes it suitable for every day's life, affording exceptional comfort for your baby, extremely easy to use for parents and with impeccable design.

The Great Carrycot

Their great future begins with a big carrycot

The pram is not just a means of transport. Your child will spend many hours in the pram during their first months of life. That's why we designed the perfect environment, able to accommodate them in the comfort and safety they need.

Standup support


We favour their continuous sleep

In the first months of life your baby will need a lot of sleep. If they fall asleep when they come back from a walk, keep them asleep, positioning the carrycot in a comfortable and hygienic way on the stand-up, thus turning it into a real bed for a sweet rest.

The Chassis

Crossover Spirit

The new chassis of the Aptica System Duo is thought out in every single detail, with new and precious chrome details for an even more Glam style. Thanks to its manoeuvrability, easy opening and closing and one-handed operation, you can enjoy limit-less walks with your child.

The Stroller

Comfortable in all seasons

The new Aptica stroller was built to ensure your child's total well-being all year round, thanks to the removable Comfort Cover. The generously sized reversible stroller seat, reclining backrest and footrest, combined with the innovative chassis features, will turn every journey into an unforgettable and unrepeatable experience. 

Unmistakably Glam
Bright finishes, chrome elements, precious fabrics and materials,
styled details: every stylistic choice is inspired by the search for a
glamorous and contemporary style, the perfect synthesis of
elegance and personality.
Chrome details
New chrome and precious details for an additional touch of style balanced between elegance and glamour.
Elegance and functionality
The new leatherette handle with micro-perforated texture merges style and functionality
A play of contrasts
The Jacquard fabric is soft and hardwearing to the touch and offers a deep, textured effect enhanced by elegant matching leatherette inserts.

The first All Season stroller

The All Season seat, designed to offer your baby top comfort all year round, is equipped with Comfort Cover, a comfortable padded cover, which covers the entire backrest and protects your baby from the cold in winter.

In summer mode, the Comfort Cover is easily removed and the seat, made of a double layer of breathable mesh, allows heat to dissipate quickly, promoting proper temperature regulation of the baby.

Comfort in 3D

The shape of the backrest covered with a double layer of 3D mesh guarantees the correct posture for the baby.

A light and versatile Crossover

The new Aptica chassis is designed to perfectly combine maximum lightness with the performance of a crossover, guaranteeing a smooth ride on all types of terrain and extraordinary ease of use.

Their great future begins with a big carrycot

We designed the perfect environment to welcome your baby in their first important months. Make the most of your first moments together, help them feel comfortable, protected, wrapped and keep the correct posture, thanks to the innovative Welcome Pad® and the large Aptica carrycot.

Aptica Duo

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Aptica Duo

The configurator allows you to see all possible combinations.

AA69Q0VLGUK+AE60Q0023 Aptica System Duo color Velvet Grey, chassis color Palladio
AA69Q0RSBUK+AE60Q0008 Aptica System Duo color Resort Blue, chassis color Litio
AA69Q0PSBUK+AE60Q0023 Aptica System Duo color Pashmina Beige, chassis color Palladio

Dimensions and weight

Measure the practicality of Inglesina

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Its place in the car
The APTICA System Duo takes up very little space and can easily be placed in the luggage compartment.

Its space in the lift
The width of the APTICA System Duo is designed for convenient and safe entry and exit.

To learn more

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What is included in

APTICA System Quattro


Stand-up support

(for carrycot and car seat)

Welcome Pad® and Mattress

Stroller seat

Storage basket


Footmuff for stroller

Cup holder

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