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System Quattro Inglesina

Allows you to walk, transition from your home to your car and vice versa without disturbing your baby’s safe and healthy sleep.
Because babies, especially in the first months of life, need a lot of sleep and they will not only do it at night.
That’s why we have designed the perfect system for your child’s growth.


The Glam Crossover

The System Quattro suitable for any situation, exceptionally comfortable for the child and very easy to use.

Aptica XT

Adaptive Cruise

The System for off-limits walks. Thanks to the exclusive Adaptive Cruise System, it adapts dynamically to all terrains and to your child’s growth.


Discover the innovative Welcome Pad®

Your newborn is fragile and defenceless, abandons the safety of your womb to face the outside world: help it feel at ease, protected, cocooned and maintain the correct posture thanks to the innovative Welcome Pad® standard supplied with all prams.