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System Quattro Inglesina

This complete travel system allows you to easily move your baby between family walks and life at home without disturbing their sleep.
During the first few months of life babies need a lot of sleep.
That’s why we have designed the perfect travel system for your child’s growth.


The Glam Crossover

With it’s easy one hand fold the Aptica pram is convenient for parents and best for baby’s comfort and wellness.


A Star in the City

Incredibly lightweight, compact and easy to manoeuvre, the Electa travel system is the perfect companion for busy family life without compromising on comfort.

Aptica XT

Adaptive Cruise

The travel system designed for off-limits adventures. Thanks to the innovative Adaptive Cruise System, the Aptica XT pram adapts dynamically to all terrains and to your child’s growth.


Discover the innovative Welcome Pad®

BEST FOR BABY’S WELLNESS – The antibacterial natural bamboo Welcome Pad™ in the carrycot of our prams has been specifically designed by specialists at the University Hospital Bologna Neonatal Department to give the optimum sleeping position for baby.