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3D Backrest

The shape of the stroller backrest was designed with special attention to the health and comfort of the baby. To ensure a correct posture, the backrest has been covered with a double layer of 3D mesh, offering excellent breathability and high stability. This allows the child to maintain a comfortable and secure position during the walk.

Equipped with Comfort Cover

The practical padded cover protects the child’s back during the cold season. In warm weather, the cover can be easily removed, exposing a seat with a double layer of breathable mesh that allows proper heat dissipation and optimal temperature regulation for the baby.

Incredibly large

Thanks to the very wide and padded seat (53×33 cm) your baby will be comfortable even when they grew older.

Always in the most comfortable position

The backrest can be reclined in four positions thanks to a centralised control, the seat becomes horizontal to ensure correct posture and comfort. Your child’s legs are always supported comfortably by the extending footrest, to continue to use the stroller even when they are asleep.

Comfort in all seasons

Solar protection

The hood shields against UV rays and the sun visor helps when the sun is low. The full-cover guarantees maximum protection even when lying down.

Air circulation

A mesh insert in the hood ensures proper air circulation around the seat, to keep the area cool and ventilated.

Warm legs

The soft, padded leg cover is easily attached. Thus, providing shelter from the cold becomes immediate.

Facing the parent and facing the street

The reversible seat allows the stroller to be used in two different directions. Facing the parent for the first few months when the baby needs reassurance from the gaze and contact of mum and dad, facing the street for when they are older. The right time to change direction? It will be the child itself who will make it clear: if they turn continuously to look around, then it will mean that they are ready to discover the world and that will be the right time to position the seat so that it faces the street. 

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