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Why waking them up?

With the practical Stand-up you can use the carrycot to ensure your baby sleeps soundly, even at home. In the first months of life your baby will need a lot of sleep, even 16-18 hours a day. If they fall asleep when they come back from a walk, position the carrycot in a comfortable and hygienic way on the Stand-up, thus turning it into a real bed for a sweet rest.

Maintain hygiene

Thanks to the Stand-up, dirty and wet accumulated on the wheels of the chassis stay outside.

Perfect for the night

Newborns often prefer to sleep in a pram because they feel more protected than in a traditional carrycot or baby bed. Thanks to the Stand-up you can have your baby at the side of your bed to help you during the night feedings.

Also useful on the move

Thanks to its compactness, you can take the Stand-up with you to use its convenient carrycot on any occasion.