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To grow together

It adapts to the growth of your child thanks to the simultaneous adjustment in height and width of the backrest.

Reclining seat

You only need one hand to adjust the reclining seat and choose between 4 positions, ensuring your child has a comfortable and relaxing journey.


Always comfort for the head

Wrap-around head hugger

The sloping wrap-around shape prevents your baby's head from slipping during sleep.

Adjustable head hugger

Height-adjustable in 9 positions (4 in Group 1 and 5 in Group 2 and 3).

Comfort in all occasions

Reduction cushion

A soft, wrap-around reduction cushion makes the seating more comfortable for younger babies during the first months of use (Group 1).

Foam insert

Seat with foam insert adapting to the weight of your child.

3D mesh backrest

The back of the backrest has 3D mesh inserts to promote breathability.

Practicality galore

As well as ensuring the well-being of your child,
we have also thought of you, taking care of every little detail.


Removable fabric lining,
hand washable at 30°C


43 x 64-83 x 57 cm (width x height x depth)


12.2 kg