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Natural inclination for comfort

You can adjust the angle of inclination of the Lounge rocking chair in 3 positions via the central control, for a gradual and controlled lowering.

Cosy and comfortable

Comfortable seat

The wide, padded seat is ideal for a long nap.

Soft reduction cushion

Soft, jersey fabric with 3D mesh back to promote air circulation and breathability, perfect for your little one's first few months.

Integrated Music Box

The Music Box with 3 classic music tunes and volume control will help your baby to relax and sleep.

Stimulates cognitive development

The three cute and fluffy colourful puppets with unique tactile and sound effects stimulate your child’s mental growth; the bar can be hooked in different positions to make the toys always accessible to your child.

Small details for great well-being

Adjustable backrest

The backrest can be adjusted in 3 positions by means of a central control, so you can lower it in a gradual and controlled manner.

Safety harness

Lined with soft jersey to prevent your baby's delicate skin from reddening.

Rocking locking lever

For a quick transition from fixed to rocking position.

Always with you

With the Lounge rocking chair you can move around without worrying: your baby will always have their ideal comfort, for a nap or a moment of fun.

On holiday

At the grandparents'

In the veranda