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Can it be used as an adapter in the stroller or pram?

The Welcome Pod is only to be used for the purposes set out in the instruction manual; it should never be used: inside the stroller or pram, as this could be dangerous for the baby (the edges of the carrycot are lower than the edges of the baby bed). as a changing pad, baby bather, … Continued

Does it have a CE mark?

No, no CE marking is required for this type of product; only certain product categories require CE marking, such as toys or medical devices. The carrycot and baby bed reducer does not need this mark, but meets high regulatory requirements for children product safety.

Can I put a bed mat inside the Welcome Pod?

The base of the Welcome Pod is made of a lightweight polyester that makes it waterproof in case of small leaks. No additional bed mats should be added, which would affect the breathability of the product and its conformation.

Can I buy the external cover separately?

No, the cover is not sold separately, it can only be purchased with the product.

Can I machine-wash the external cover?

As these are very delicate natural materials, we recommend washing the product by hand in cold water, with neutral detergents and without bleaching. Clean the plastic rigid support with a damp cloth or with a mild detergent; do not use solvents, ammonia or petrol. The edge shaped inner padding can only be cleaned superficially with … Continued

Should I wash the Welcome Pod before using it?

There is no need to wash the Welcome Pod before use because production and assembly take place in controlled environments, and transport is hygienic thanks to its handy sealed bag. If, however, you want to wash it before use, please follow the washing instructions in the manual.

Can I use the Welcome Pod components separately?

No, the Welcome Pod must always be used properly assembled, and its components are not designed to be used alone. Before use, always ensure that all parts of the product are intact and undamaged.

Why are there no handles to carry the Welcome Pod?

The Welcome Pod is designed to accommodate the baby and is neither a baby bag nor a carrycot. Never carry your baby inside the Welcome Pod for safety reasons. The Welcome Pod, on the other hand, can be transported alone inside its carry bag, which is equipped with handles.

According to which standard is the Welcome Pod tested?

The Welcome Pod follows and complies with general product safety requirements, evaluated and approved by test plans developed by leading European laboratories. The fabrics used contain no harmful components for the baby and the environment and guarantee high breathability performance. This product therefore guarantees a safe environment for the baby.

What is bonding time?

Bonding defines an intimate and unique relationship, a bonding process between parents and baby that creates a verbal and non-verbal dialogue, a physical, emotional and hormonal experience. It promotes the infant’s well-being, correct psycho-physical development and stimulates the infant’s behavioural skills. Bonding is distinguished between prenatal and postnatal, which are closely related. Prenatal bonding: indicates … Continued